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Abundance & Health Ltd are proud to be the European distributor of LivOn Labs Altrient Lypo-Spheric product Range.

LivOn Laboratories was created following a fight for life in 2002 of Les Nachman, one of the founders. His doctor had warned him that without a heart transplant he had little time left and should get his affairs in order. He did not share his doctor´s view and set about finding solutions to heal his heart.

Through his research he came across doctors who believed he could improve his health through high dose intravenous vitamin C, dietary changes,  and exercise. IV vitamin C was the treatment that made the greatest difference to his recovery however it was expensive, time consuming and inconvenient. He starting thinking that there must be an easier way to achieve high blood plasma levels of vitamin C.  That is when he discovered liposome encapsulation technology (LET) which had been utilised since the 1970´s in the pharmaceutical industry.  Taking this technology and applying it to vitamin c was not as easy as one would expect as each substance requires a specific formula to achieve encapsulation.
It took almost two years to perfect the formula and the final product exceeded all expectations as to its bioavailability.  There is no better oral way of achieving high blood plasma levels of vitamin c than Altrient C, Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C by LivOn Labs.
LivOn Labs has applied this technology to a number of vitamins and nutrients that benefit from this delivery system. A good candidate for this technology is a nutrient or vitamin that is otherwise difficult to absorb orally.  So far LivOn Labs have developed their Altrient Vitamin C, Altrient Glutathion, Altrient Alpha lipoic Acid and Altrient B (vitamin b complex with cineman extract)
In 2013 due to European food supplement regulations LivOn Labs rebranded its lproducts for the European market as Altrient.

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