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Rash Care Extra Strength

Rash Itchy Skin Relief

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Rash care

Rash Care Extra Strength 2oz

Rash Itchy Skin Relief

Standard Dose

Take 6 sprays by mouth, twice daily.

Higher Dose

Take 12 sprays by mouth, twice daily.

Optimal Use

  • Spray, swish and swallow. You may take other Results RNA formulas immediately.
  • Do not eat or drink for 2 minutes following.


Serving size: 6 Sprays
Servings Per Container: Approx. 60
Proprietary Blend Tincture <800 mcg*


Formula derived using a proprietary selective nutrient extraction process with Peppermint Leaf (Mentha x piperita), Greater Burdock (Arctuim minus), Green Tea Leaf (Camellia sinesis), Peach Leaf (Prunus Persica), Ginkgo Leaf (Ginkgo biloba), Soapwort Herb (Saponaria officinalis).
Other Ingredients: Ultra-Pure Deionized Water

Offered in 2 oz Intra-oral Spray

* % Daily value not established

Rash Facts by Lyn Hanshew, M.D.

What are Common Skin Rashes?

  • Common rashes are often called dermatitis, meaning inflammation of the skin; they involve changes in the color or texture of the skin including skin redness or inflammation. Common rashes are also known as skin lesions, Rubor and Erythema.

The Most Common Rashes and their Causes:

  • Contact Rashes – are common rashes often caused by dyes and chemicals in clothing, rubber, latex and elastic, cosmetics, soaps, detergents and plants like Poison Oak, Poison Ivy and Poison Sumac.
  • Dandruff or Seborrheic Dermatitus – are common rashes associated with age, stress, fatigue, weather extremes, oily skin, infrequent shampooing and alcohol-based lotions.
  • Other common rashes include Eczema (often associated with allergies or asthma), Psoriasis, Impetigo, Shingles and rashes caused by a host of childhood diseases like chickenpox, measles and scarlet fever. Medications can cause rashes as well as insect bites and stings.

Purity and Quality Guaranteed:

Rash Care Extra Strength is produced under strict GMP manufacturing controls in conformance with guidelines for dietary supplements set forth in USP XXVII. For purity and quality, Rash Care contains no preservatives • no alcohol • no artificial coloring or flavoring.


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Rash Care 2oz

Rash Care 2oz

Rash Care Extra Strength

Rash Itchy Skin Relief

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